This document is intended to state information on different types of financial products and transaction details provided by ACY, which could help you decide which investment products to trade.

This document is intended to state document information on the financial services and complaints process provided by ACY. This could help you decide whether or not to use any of the services provided by us.

This document is intended to state the use of this website and you need to pay attention to your legal responsibility, which could help you to use the information more carefully.

This document is intended to state how we manage the personal or company information that you provide to us, which could help you to decide whether to trade with ACY.

This document helps describe the target market of consumers for the ACY CFDs and outlines the criteria for retail clients to trade our products for investment purposes.

This document is intended to outline what market manipulation is, the penalties that could arise, and the regulations involved.

This document outlines the complaints handling process by ACY.

Important Information

1. ACY does not provide any personal advice
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2. You do not own the underlying asset
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3. Over-the-Counter (OTC) Financial Derivatives
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4. Leverage
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5. Market volatility
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6. Slippage
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7. Mandatory liquidation risk
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8. Counterparty risk
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9. Client capital risk
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10. Technical risk and other circumstances that affect your trades
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11. Dispute Resolution
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